Ascione srl, a landmark of the Milan Ortomercato, is the reference point for those who want the best products available on the national and foreign fruit and vegetable markets, with the certainty of the highest quality at the best price. Ortomercato Milano di Ascione srl has been operating in the fruit and vegetable sector for over thirty years, carefully selecting producers who must strictly comply with the best quality standards. When it comes to food, authenticity and freshness are the goals we seek every day. For this reason, for a varied range of products, for accurate health and hygiene checks and widespread distribution both in Italy and abroad, we are chosen by major companies in the Food - Catering sector.

Our products include particular specialities that only few people know, with unique characteristics that we invite you to discover.

Among these, we want to point out the pink garlic, a variety from Lautrec, France camone tomatoes, vanilla oranges, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes on the vine, opposite leaved saltwort (agretti) from Emilia Romagna, also known as "barbadeifrati" and other unique specialities...

Quality assurance: the high quality of our products is guaranteed and maintained thanks to our covered storehouses equipped with modern cooling systems.

Product Storage: Separate cooling rooms, run by a computerized system which maintains the ideal temperature and humidity for each category of products, allow us to deliver the products ordered  in a state of perfect preservation.